Happy new year!

Greetings! Behold! This journal is alive!! I'm currently battling comprehensive exams before I hopefully graduate from medicine. Banzai!!!!! And I cannot tell you how exciting and nerve-wrecking life is right now. Every day is a step closer to that MD and I cannot tread carefully enough so as to not cause a delay to my final march. Dramatic! But true! And hell, the exams are hellish! On top of it, we have to continue clerking/working at the hospital every single day. Sometimes even for 36 hours straight. Oh the agony of counting time and counting patients. I am complaining haha, yet, I am happy. Very very happy. I'm loving what I'm doing right now. And I can't wait to know what the future will show me. This year, 2014, I can already tell, will be a year of pleasant surprises. :)

Game face on coz challenge accepted. XD

Ah, there is this strong need to redeem myself. I have been way to relaxed. To the point that I study with beer.
2012-10-07 20.25.06
Okay kidding, I haven't had beer in so long. It's just some honey tea concoction at the Coffee Prince.

Break's over then. Lots of drugs to put in mind for tomorrow's series of quizzes!


I think many people have dropped lj over fb. Ahhh, yes, I am one of them. Add twitter to that. Tumblr too. So many new things and so many changes have happened that I'm always surprised everytime I check out my lj account and it's still here! All the entries, the friends, the pages I used to follow and how I had so much time back then. I hope the lj corporation keeps it strong and never sell their rights or something. Or maybe I can save my posts? Anyway, point is, I miss this place. ㅎ_ㅎ



Seriously, I did not change my background to that pic with the beer/brandy/wine/watevs. It did surprise me though. Ahhh, I'm too tired to change it.

Autumn's Summer

"Changing myself just to stand alone in your eyes"

I totally can't relate to this song LOL. And I must disagree with what others say about having to relate to lyrics to "feel" a song. Oh come on. If you like the music, you like it okay. For all you know, it might be the wrongest lyrics.. I can't believed I just bashed hahaha. It's just been too hot lately! But I'm still drinking tea. Hot tea! Hahaha. I just love this stuff. And I'm watching a Taiwanese Drama. Autumn's Concerto. It's petty good actually. The pace is fast so there's always something going on. SOOO not boring. And I like the guy's bod. Not too muscular, just right.

You should try watching movies that have sequels in succession! Not too long ago I watched the X Men series starting with Origins up to the 3rd part and it was great! Like one long story with moving pictures and I totally love Wolverine <3. I thought Storm was pretty useless at first haha. And Jean annoying because she was too much like a damsel in distress.

Can you believe that I've never finished any Narnia movie? Haha. I just can't. I've tried watching it for like 3 times already but no. I might go on a Lord Of The Rings marathon soon. Just looking for the right links. has been acting up and I think a virus has invaded their usual video hosts. There's been an onset of cctv-like images replacing the movies. :| And my favorite video host, loombo, doesn't work anymore!!!! :'( It's gonna be a whole new adventure looking for movie streamers.

I got accepted into a tutoring thing too, teaching English to Japanese peeps. Oh the experience! But fucking banks!!!! I need more IDs to open up an account. Somehow they've become stricter knowing that someone else will be earning lots of money! >:( Totally unfair. The whole affair has made me lazier. And now I just want to watch my Autumn's Concerto and wait for classes to start.

Okay. At episode 6, things have slowed down....

I just wanna......

I fucking lust for travel like forever. First I will go all over the Philippines jumping from island to island, course through the jungles and fly over mountains! This is a promise to myself.

Then I will start conquering Southeast Asia. Starting off with Singapore or Malaysia or Indonesia! I must must must go through South Korea (eat jajangmyun). Then Japan (eat natto). Then China (to that place with lots of mussels). And if I'm lucky, I'll cross over Nepal and take a peek at Mount Everest. Just a peek.

I'm not too excited about Europe anymore. I want nature! Lochness Lake! Baltic Sea! And ohmygod the Aurora Borealis!!!! ANY COUNTRY THAT CAN GIVE ME VIEWING ACCESS TO THE BOREALIS WILL DO.

Oh god I'm gonna need lots of money for this. I'm gonna take my mom with me. I'm gonna rent all sorts of cars. Ride the smallest of boats but the sturdiest planes haha. My fear of heights kicked in late in life. And just when I wasn't afraid of deep water anymore.

I must go to South America!!! And I still haven't forgotten about MSF/Doctors Without Borders in Africa. Wanna see some savannah and lions and black mambas from afar lol. going back to South America, the Amazon has been waiting for me for centuries already. I shan't make her wait much more.

God I hope I can do all this.

Last stop will be a pacific island like Fiji or some other place that ends in -nesia.
Ryo - we can

Hey thar mate!

Right now I think I was meant to be born British. But hey, just give me lots of time and I can think about lots of things! Like for example, I realized the absurdity that's been going on in my head with regard to my, uh, ultimate dream.

*cue in shyness*

Beginning with elementary, I actually wrote in a classmate's autograph that.....
***(those things where the first page is all about your favorite music, hobbies, etc.; the second page then asks about your first love; and in the last page there's a blank box that's meant for a photo but will never be filled below which you have to write a dedication to the owner of the embarassing book of elementary school secrets)***
..."I wish I was a princess". That's verbatim by the way.

Then in high school I was so much into internet that I can't remember what I really wanted to be though med school was always floating around.

In college I got greedy and told my uncle I was gonna get my RMT license then MD license then open up a diagnostic center then turn it into a hospital and that I would be needing his capital. That stayed in my head for a few years.

First year of medicine I just wanted to finish it, build myself a home, tell my mother to retire and just live with me and tend to her gardens.

And now, after baking myself in the summer heat, being alone with time t owaste. I think this may be some form of enlightenment. A bit of maturation at most. I just want the world to go back to the way it used to be. Or just my world for that matter. I could just live my some one or some people in a really really fresh place. I could plant... plants. I feel like breathing fresh air. Just live the natural way. How dreamy of me.
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