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January 12th, 2014


Happy new year!

Greetings! Behold! This journal is alive!! I'm currently battling comprehensive exams before I hopefully graduate from medicine. Banzai!!!!! And I cannot tell you how exciting and nerve-wrecking life is right now. Every day is a step closer to that MD and I cannot tread carefully enough so as to not cause a delay to my final march. Dramatic! But true! And hell, the exams are hellish! On top of it, we have to continue clerking/working at the hospital every single day. Sometimes even for 36 hours straight. Oh the agony of counting time and counting patients. I am complaining haha, yet, I am happy. Very very happy. I'm loving what I'm doing right now. And I can't wait to know what the future will show me. This year, 2014, I can already tell, will be a year of pleasant surprises. :)