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Autumn's Concerto...in Summer

"Changing myself just to stand alone in your eyes"

I totally can't relate to this song LOL. And I must disagree with what others say about having to relate to lyrics to "feel" a song. Oh come on. If you like the music, you like it okay. For all you know, it might be the wrongest lyrics.. I can't believed I just bashed hahaha. It's just been too hot lately! But I'm still drinking tea. Hot tea! Hahaha. I just love this stuff. And I'm watching a Taiwanese Drama. Autumn's Concerto. It's petty good actually. The pace is fast so there's always something going on. SOOO not boring. And I like the guy's bod. Not too muscular, just right.

You should try watching movies that have sequels in succession! Not too long ago I watched the X Men series starting with Origins up to the 3rd part and it was great! Like one long story with moving pictures and I totally love Wolverine <3. I thought Storm was pretty useless at first haha. And Jean annoying because she was too much like a damsel in distress.

Can you believe that I've never finished any Narnia movie? Haha. I just can't. I've tried watching it for like 3 times already but no. I might go on a Lord Of The Rings marathon soon. Just looking for the right links. Www.letmewatchthis.com has been acting up and I think a virus has invaded their usual video hosts. There's been an onset of cctv-like images replacing the movies. :| And my favorite video host, loombo, doesn't work anymore!!!! :'( It's gonna be a whole new adventure looking for movie streamers.

I got accepted into a tutoring thing too, teaching English to Japanese peeps. Oh the experience! But fucking banks!!!! I need more IDs to open up an account. Somehow they've become stricter knowing that someone else will be earning lots of money! >:( Totally unfair. The whole affair has made me lazier. And now I just want to watch my Autumn's Concerto and wait for classes to start.

Okay. At episode 6, things have slowed down....


I've only ever watched 1 Narnia movie (No. 3) and I fell asleep while watching. -_-
its really nice drama.
I watched it like 3 months ago... it was fast though and so nice :) its even my first Taiwanese drama.

Hey, I missed you.